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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Adrienne Larkin
Ann Gartland (Higdon)
Barbara Ramsey (Kiley)
Barbara Barbara Schlapp (Schlapp)
Bert Walsh (Zardecki)
Carol Diamond (Taney)
Cathy Mulligan (McManus)
Chris Kelleher (Jones)
Donald Duck
Elizabeth Drucker (Condrige)
Gerry Carbery (Farrell)
Janet Rossi (Maffucci)
Jean Shanaphy (Barrow)
Jean Herbert (Talbot)
Johana Doyle (Griffith)
Kathleen Conroy (Conroy)
Kathy McNamara (Menard)
Kristin Krause (McDonough)
Lisa Sayre (Oldendorp)
Loretta Mengel (Shirey)
Margo Marabon (Terwilliger)
Marguerite Crowley (Weibel)
Marianne Doherty (Campbell)
Mary Kirby (Rhodes)
Mary Creeden (Risio)
Mary Anne Evangelist
Mary Catherine Sheldrick (Boyle)
Mary Ellen Crowe (Griswold)
Mary-Elaine Cash (Bernard)
Maryanne Driscoll (Driscoll)
Myra Turley (Turley)
Nancy Blank (Cochrane)
Patricia Johnson (Auth)
Patricia Hagan (Hagan)
Peggy Kenny (Southwell)
Sally Fernet (Geloso)
Total 38 0