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Kathy Menard
I am enjoying retirement and family, doing a bit of writing and consulting, a bit of travel.  I had the opportunity to work with our classmate Nancy Babacz McCloskey on a number of writing assignmemts since our last reunion.  In addition to being a wonderful person, Nancy was an outstanding editor and a joy to work with.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone in just two months!
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Lisa Sayre (Oldendorp)
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Can't believe it's 50 years since we graduated CNR!  Looking forward to seeing everyone!
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Marguerite Crowley (Weibel)
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   After graduating from CNR, I headed to the University of Chicago for a Master of Arts in Teaching degree. I taught in elementary school for three years; I loved the kids, but classroom management was not my strong suit. A volunteer experience in an adult literacy program lead me to pursue another M.A. in adult education, this time at Ohio State University. I loved the work, but the work was hard to find, so I returned to school for the third - and final - time to get a degree in library science. I loved being a librarian, working both at the public library in Columbus, OH and, for the greater part of my career, at OSU. I never lost my interest in adult literacy, however, and over the course of my time at OSU, I was able to write a couple of books connecting libraries and adult literacy, the last one titled Adult Learners Welcome Here. During that time, I also compiled an anthology of readings for community college students, titled Joining the Conversation
   My husband, Stuart Weibel, also worked in the library world, at OCLC, a name every librarian (and nobody else!) will recognize. Together we raised two sons, Mathias and Brendan. Eight years ago, Stu had an opportunity to work on a project with the University of Washington in Seattle. He loved the Pacific Northwest, so I retired from OSU and joined him here, a last leg on what has turned out to be a cross-country journey from coast to coast. I have remained connected to the library world and to adult education, however, tutoring at the local community college and in the Seattle Public Library.
   I have also remained connected to New York City. Although I haven't lived there for many years, it is still very much a part of who I am. Currently, I am trying to write a history of the particular neighborhood in which I grew up - Inwood, at the northern end of Manhattan. It's a daunting project that keeps growing, but I haven't given up yet. 
  I'm looking forward to the reunion and to seeing all of you who will be there. 
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Bert Walsh (Zardecki)
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