1. Do I Need to Register to use This Site?
Nope. But geez, people want to know if you came to the reunion! 

You need to register on this site if you want to do the following stuff:

1. If you want to upload  your pix and info on "CATCHING UP". Otherwise someone will impersonate you. And we DO want to know what u have been up to. Click on "add your profile" and u r done.

2. To post a message on the MESSAGE BOARD; otherwise bots will post messages, probably in Russian, certainly paid for in rubles, encouraging you to vote or not to vote, depending.
2. How do I add my name to the "WHO's COMING" list?
Click on the RSVP page
Go to the pull down menu, select "Reunion Registration"
It brings up a little box for you to fill out your name and email (not shared). 
Fill out the form and you are on the list!
3. How the #(*$_#Q%* do I Post Photos in the Photo Albums?

Ok, technologically challenged.  Pay attention..

1. Click on  "PHOTO ALBUMS" Tab on the left. It's about half way down. See it there? Honestly. If you don't, click on the link here.

2. Scroll down to look at the fabulous albums already started. Pick the one you want. If you don't see a suitable album, hold your horses. We shall make one for you in a minute.

3. There is a green button in the lower right hand corner on each album. It says, "upload your photos". Click it.

4. It takes you to a screen where you add your name and email and push the button, "add your photos".  You don't actually have to add your name and email but I would like to personally thank you. 

4. Push the "add your photos" button. It kindly takes you to your own computer where you get to nose around to find your photos. When you find them, highlight them. If you're not sure which ones you want, highlight them all. You get to sort out which ones to add before you actually do the deed of uploading them. Click "choose" or "open", whatever it says on your computer.

5. You will see you have a nice thumbnail of each photo. If you don't want to share, a particular photo, just press the circle with the line through it on the right. Presto, photo gone.

5. Keep adding photos to your heart's content. 

6. When you are done, push "start upload".

7. Voila! ur  done! To view your handiwork, Click the "click here" button or just go back to the "Photo Albums" tab.

8. If you don't see the album you like, either shoot me an email  and tell me the name of the album you want added, or, if you are now in the mood to add photos, add the photos to the "to be sorted" album.

Report all unclarities and confusion to MOI.